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Kristof Van Rossem (Belgium, 1969) is Master in Science of Religions and Master in philosophy (KULeuven, University of Amsterdam and of Uppsala).
He is the author of numerous articles on philosophical practise and he published the book ‘Het Filosofisch Gesprek. De basis’ (2020, LannooCampus + ISVW). As an independent trainer, he accompanies coaching and reflection processes in different organisational settings : companies, schools, social welfare organisations, political parties, prisons, hospitals, governmental organisations,…

He is specialized in Socratic questioning. Together with Hans Bolten he leads an annual training course in Socratic dialogue facilitation among others at the International School of Philosophy in Leusden (Nl).
He conducted research into co-creation in companies commissioned by Cocom, a network of business leaders.
He is a philosophical practitioner. Kristof is as well a teacher. He teaches Business ethics at the Odisee Highschool of Brussels.
He is a teacher trainer at the University of Leuven where he leads an annual seminar in philosophizing with children and adolescents.

Click Here for the ONLINE profile of Kristof:     https://www.linkedin.com/in/socratischgesprek?trk=hp-identity-name

Watch HERE what he says about the difference between a psychological and a philosophical approach in philosophical counseling :

Watch here a documentary about the work of Kristof Van Rossem :

Our clients

Regular clients:

beroepsopleiding socratisch gespreksleider (link)

Since 2011 we lead the annual training for socratic facilitator

beroepsopleiding socratisch gespreksleider (link)

For the summercourse of the SSR – Studiecentrum Rechtspleging Nederland (Juridical Study Centre  in Holland) we lead annual socratic dialogues  about cases in the Courtroom.

Voor het SSR – Studiecentrum Rechtspleging Nederland verzorgen wij jaarlijks socratische gesprekken over gerechtelijke oordeelsvorming

We hold the seminar The art of questioning  within the Leadership training of the AOG School of Management


In the European training course, we hold an annual introduction to Socratic dialogue


We hold an annual introduction to Socratic dialogue for trainers and caretakers of this well-known Institute.

Other clients:
Policy planning/ Mission- and Vision development:

socratischgesprekMinisterie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

socratisch-gesprekVertrouwenscentra Vlaanderen

socratisch-gesprekChristelijke Mutualiteiten

socratisch-gesprekVlaams Overleg Duurzame Ontwikkeling

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socratisch-gesprekCarestream Belgium

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socratisch-gesprekCentra voor Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg

socratisch-gesprekSamenlevingsopbouw vzw

socratisch-gesprekCC Westrand Dilbeek

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(Training) Socratic dialogue :

socratisch-gesprekFontys Hogeschool Tilburg

socratisch-gesprekUniversiteit Antwerpen

socratisch-gesprekVerbond voor Vlaamse Tandartsen

socratsichgesprekJustitieel Welzijnswerk (gevangenen)




The art of questioning :

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socratischgesprekON Semi conductor

socratischgesprekAZ Groeninge Kortrijk

socratischgesprekBelgische Krijgsmacht

socratischgesprekTropisch instituut, Antwerpen

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Training P4C (philosophy with children and adolescents) :

socratisch-gesprekArtevelde Hogeschool

socratischgesprekProvincie Vlaams-Brabant en Antwerpen

socratischgesprekGemeente Geraardsbergen

socratischgesprekDeMens.nu (Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen)


socratisch-gesprekDjapo vzw

socratisch-gesprekKindermuseum Brussel

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Rhetorics (the art of convincing) :

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socratisch-gesprekAFS internationaal vrijwilligerswerk

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