In the spring of 22 we a reading and discussion group on Hannah Arendts The Origins of Totalitarianism in the presence of Russian an Ukrainian friends. You will find the introduction to the thinking of Arendt HERE.


  Debate without opinions.  With this exercise, you can improve the quality of debating skills of the participants. It’s an ideal exercise to use when you have a ‘sensitive’ topic in the group. In the whole of the exercise, participants are motivated to study and comment on the arguments (reflective) rather than giving their opinions (non reflective). You can download the exercise here : 



Questioning exercise.

This is a questioning exercise in groups of 3


 Questioning like playing piano

critical thinking

In this text you can read what you can do to make your client think critically

7 steps to make your client think critically.pdf


socrates at the marketplace. An exercise in Socratic questioning 

wat is dit

Exercise ‘what is this'( socratic dialogue in 10 minutes)


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