International Masterclass Socratic Dialogue


Venice, 1-3 March 2024


Facilitated by Kristof Van Rossem and colleagues

Practical aspects

1. online training

If you are not familiar with the Socratic Method, it is recommended that you follow the introductory online course. It runs on Thursday mornings starting 21st of September 23. It  is led by Kristof Van Rossem. Click HERE to see the dates, the costs and to the way to register.

2. Offline training weekend 

Date: 1-3 March 2024

Location: Most probably Italy – Venice. Further information on the venue will be provided.

How much?

€ 295 excl. VAT 21% incl. accommodation when you enroll before the 1rst of October 23

€ 395 excl. vat 21% incl. accommodation when you enroll before the 1rst of November 23

€ 495,- excl. vat incl. accommodation when you enroll before the 1rst of January 24

Minimum: 8 participants (one facilitator)
maximum: 20 participants


Learn how to:

  • set up and lead a Socratic dialogue in small and in larger groups;
  • facilitate long and short versions;
  • be flexible and creative with the Socratic method;
  • explore the levels of logos, pathos and ethos;
  • use the liberal arts dialectics, rhetoric and grammar;
  • articulate the theoretical background of the Socratic dialogue (epistemology, anthropology, logic and ethics);
  • implement Socratic dialogues in unconventional settings;
  • design Socratic exercises;
  • develop your own style of facilitation.

For whom?

This seminar is meant for you when

  • you know something about the German tradition of Socratic Dialogue (Nelson/Heckmann);
  • you are a facilitator of philosophical dialogues;
  • you want to explore new ways of working with SD in organizations.


Preliminary Program :

Friday :

14.00 : Book presentation of ‘The philosophical Conversation’ followed by a short workshop on questioning behaviour  : exercises in efficient and effective questioning

17.00 : reception  + dinner
20-22 : The ‘midwife’ attitude : exercises in suspending your judgement

Saturday   :

9.00 : Intro
9.15-10u30 : full Socratic Dialogue : demonstration with observations
10.30-10.50 : break
10.50 -12.30 : Exercise Socratic Dialogue one-on-one (Socratic Consultancy) : demonstration + observations
12.30 : lunch
14.00 : The Socratic style in questioning one person : exercises
17.00 : break + dinner
20-22 : logic, epistemology, ethics and anthropology of the e Socratic Dialogue

Sunday  :

9.00 : The objectives of Socratic questioning : exercises
10.30 : Taking turns in facilitating SD : 2X 7 min. of facilitation with direct feedback on questioning behavior
12.30 : lunch
14.00 : Taking turns in leading variants of SD in group
16.00 : back to everyday life : tips and tricks about special cases in organizations
17.00 : farewell drink


Kristof Van Rossem is Master in Science of religions and Master in philosophy. He works as an independent trainer in different organisational settings. He is specialized in the art of questioning and in applying variations of Socratic dialogue in reflection- and coaching processes. He is leading an annual training course in Socratic dialogue facilitation at the ISVW (International School for Philosophy – Leusden, the Netherlands). He is teacher in Business Ethics at Odisee University College of Brussels and he is teacher trainer in the department of philosophy of the University of Leuven.

Kristof will be accompanied by some international colleagues.


Background Literature:

How to lead a Socratic Dialogue by Kristof van Rossem in: Detlef Staude & Eckart Ruschmann eds. Understanding the other and oneself (2018)

The Philosophical Conversation. The Basics by Kristof Van Rossem (John Hunt Publishers, 2024)

Socratic Dialogue and Ethics by J.P. Brune & D, Krohn Eds. (2005)

What do participants say?

socratic dialogue

I experienced this training as groundbreaking. What was obvious to me changed constantly to new points of view …

Wim van den Brink, owner, socratic dialogue facilitator



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