Socratic dialogue facilitators training

A unique experience, already more than 10 years

This training course consists of 15 dayparts and has been a big success. For more than 10 summers long, it has been running in the Dutch language. More then 150 facilitators have been trained. It is also possible to follow this training in an international group. If you would want that, click on the item below for an offer

When and where?

The training can be organized on the spot in your organization. Please fill in the contact form, and we will get in touch with you. Thank you.

What do you learn?


You learn to lead a Socratic dialogue in a group and with one person. After the training, you can start a Socratic dialogue in any professional or personal situation.

You can :

  • Set up and lead a Socratic dialogue
  • be flexible and creative with the Socratic method.
  • distinguish between philosophical and non-philosophical discussion
  • articulate the philosophical background of the Socratic dialogue.

During this training, participants accompany different variants of the Socratic dialogue and free philosophical dialogues. In many practical exercises they document their experiences and develop their own facilitation style

socratic dialogue

Something for you ?

This training is for you if you work in the education and training sector  or as a consultant, coach, manager. The experience shows that every participant manages to apply the Socratic method in their own professional environment after the training course.


Read more about the vision training and the program here:  SOCRATIC_DIALOGUE

Skills or knowledge required?

In order to participate you don’t need special knowledge. Three months in advance you get a reader to read your pitch. Have you already participated in some kind of Socratic dialogue? That is definitely an advantage but not a requirement. If you want you can gain that experience on one of our introductory days (and here link to the announcement introduction days)

What do participants say?

socratic dialogue

I experienced this training as groundbreaking. What was obvious for me every time changed to new points of view …

Wim van den Brink, owner, socratic dialogue facilitator


de kunst van het vragen stellen

The training was an enlightment for me. We often jump very quickly to conclusions or answers and spend too little time asking questions. Questions that go to the essence and that enable us to arrive at correct answers. This has to do with active listening. In the world of fast conclusions, volatile claims it is important that such organizations exist that keep the ideas of Socrates alive to apply this in politics, business and society. It is more than “useful” . It is essential.The philosophical background of Kristof Van Rossem herein is an important added value.

Annemie Lemahieu, head of Department at UNIZO (federation of companies in Belgium)

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