Philosophical counselling


This process of coaching distinguishes itself from a (psychological) therapy as it is it focuses on the speech and the reasoning of the client, rather than on the personality. This program consists of series of sessions of 1 hour each. You can organize this yourself according to your own possibilities, both offline and online (via Zoom). In this process Kristof Van Rossem will be coaching you to reach the objectives you set yourself. You will have Socratic and other conversations with him and you will do exercises in decision making skills, logical thinking, argumentation and reasoning, sharpness in formulation, convincing your conversation partner etc. In between the sessions, you will get some ‘homework’ : exercises to improve your thinking competencies.

The style of the training is Socratic. This means that there is a focus on consciousness of one’s own judgments, arguments and assumptions and on the ability to make other people conscious of them as well. The training starts with one free session in which you will determine together with Kristof the objectives to be reached.

Practical aspects 

The cost of this coaching process depends on the intensity and the frequency of the sessions. The regular price for a session is 80 euro per hour. If you engage yourself for a series of (2X) 5 sessions, the price is 70 euro per session.

You can also choose to do a ‘marathon’ in which you engage yourself to do a session (and homework) every day. The marathon-price is only 30 euros per session. The minimum amount of sessions (days) for a marathon is 10. There are two programs for a ‘marathon’ that you might want to combine. The first program focuses on ‘critical thinking’ and makes a better thinker of you in min. 10 sessions. The second program is called ‘philosophical knowledge’. In this program, your questions and interest are nourished with the insights of important Eastern and Western philosophers that will be given to you through readable text fragments and video’s. During a marathon, you receive an exercise through mail/Whatsapp every day that will be given feedback to. During this process, there will as well be conversations with Kristof about the results.

If you want to try it out first before engaging yourself, you can have a first free try-out session. 

Are you interested? Please call or send a message to Kristof on 00 32 473 715835 and/or register by clicking on the button below.

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Some results:

Here are some skills that you can acquire in this program:

  • You are alert and witty in your comments
  • You are your (more) aware of your beliefs, your arguments and your assumptions
  • You master the influence on/of interlocutors in expressing your beliefs
  • Your influence in an interview is bigger
  • You can listen carefully and sensitively
  • You are flexible in mind: you have no fixed ideas anymore.
  • You control your emotions as much as necessary
  • You question the quality of your own and someone else’s arguments
  • You can identify problematic reasoning in a speech
  • You are more immune to nonsense
Watch in this video how a one –on –one Socratic dialogue is executed

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