How to lead philosophical dialogues with children and adolescents


Facilitating philosophical dialogues with children and teens

In this training course you learn how to lead a good philosophical discussion with a group of people from 8 years on. It is more than ‘tips and tricks’. You learn the “craft” of questioning the group by practicing it yourself from the very start. This approach enables you to do your job with very diverse groups in different settings. There is room for development of variations on the method used, for example for questioning a “radical” thinking target group.  You receive a certificate after the training course.

This training program is only executed on demand.

A selection from the program:

  • What is philosophy and what is philosophizing?
  • Exercises in the art of asking questions;
  • Logic and argumentation;
  • The difference between a philosophical conversation and another group discussion;
  • Exploration of literature and critical discussion;
  • Establish monitoring criteria;
  • Find suitable philosophical impulses;
  • exercises in the startup and initial supervision of a philosophical discussion with children;
  • Supervising philosophical conversations with communicative ‘dysfunctional’ students / teens;

What do participants say?

filosofisch gesprekleider

Marieke Donders, P4C facilitator

I’ve experienced this training course as very positive. The atmosphere was very pleasant, there was enough room and peace to practice and we’ve done a lot.
I learned a lot and found it very valuable even though (or perhaps because) I had already followed two courses. It was beautiful to get to know so many different styles and methods.
What I learned from Kristof is to value looser structures, to work with what happens before your eyes (and thus to be more in the moment) and to intervene with short questions.
He’s quick and sharp in questioning people . He lets them argue and very quickly exposes contradictions. In this way, he creates a real depth and a self-confrontation that I really like.

Watch a fragment of a P4C session in Moscow